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Adrian Manning

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Concrete Meat Sheet

James D.Quinton


Concrete Meat Sheet

Concrete Meat Sheet was a double sided A4 sheet that appeared at irregular intervals. It included unpublished poetry by excellent small press poets. Starting from issue11 it is an on-line publication only. If you wish to purchase any previous issues please e-mail for availability. Follow the link for further details - Buy CMS

Previous issues included a number of different poets with some issues being dedicated to a single poet.

NOW ONLINE - Concrete Meat Sheet 11 , Concrete Meat Sheet 12 , Concrete Meat Sheet 13 , Concrete Meat Sheet 14 and Concrete Meat Sheet 15

Concrete Meat Sheet issue 15 is now on-line. Short fiction by authors from the UK, USA and Canada.


Concrete Meat Sheet 1 - A D Winans, Keith Gery, Charles P. Ries, Bradley Mason Hamlin, Keith Dersley, James Quinton, Ronald Baatz and Adrian Manning.


Concrete Meat Sheet 2 - A D Winans, Keith Gery, C.Allen Rearick, Karl Koweski, Kenneth Hickey, Ronald Baatz, Dan Provost, Charles P. Ries and Owen Roberts.


Concrete Meat Sheet 3 is a single poet issue - poems by Trevor Reeves from New Zealand.


Concrete Meat Sheet 4 - Luis C. Berriozabal, Joseph Farley, David Barker, Hosho McCreesh, Christopher Cunningham, J. J. Campbell, Justin Barrett and Robert L. Penick.


Concrete Meat Sheet 5 - John Dorsey, Bradley Mason Hamlin, Danielle Grilli, James O'Shea, Tom Hamilton, Wayne Mason and Debbie Kirk.


Concrete Meat Sheet 6 is a single poet issue - poems by Christopher Cunningham.


Concrete Meat Sheet 7 features Doug Draime, N Nixon, Abraham Gibson, Justin Hyde, J D Nelson, David Dannov, Richard Wink, Cathy Garcia and Adrian Manning.


Concrete Meat Sheet 8 includes Greg Lang, Richard Krech, Rob Plath, Zahid Rasul, Alan Catlin, Michael Curran, Cynthia Ruth Lewis, Ben Barton and Hosho McCreesh.


Concrete Meat Sheet 9 is a single poet issue - poems by Ronald Baatz.


Concrete Meat Sheet 10 featured Richard Krech, David McClean, R D Armstrong, Danielle McAdams, Tomas Boudreau, Sean C. Bowen, James Nolan, Gary Beck and Jordan Hurder .


Concrete Meat Sheet 11 is on-line featuring R D Armstrong, Richard Krech, James Nolan, Enzo Marra, Tyler Cobb, Peycho Kanev and Jonathan Hayes.


Concrete Meat Sheet 12 is on-line - A Dan Provost single poet issue.


Concrete Meat Sheet 13 is on-line featuring A D Winans, Hugh Fox, Lyn Lifshin, David Barker, Charles P. Reis, Andrew Taylor and Mather Schneider.